Remote counseling and therapy from the comfort of your home. Simple. Effective. Affordable. 

  • Anxiety-gone,

  • Depression-gone,

  • Excess weight-gone,

  • Addictions and bad habits-gone! 

Today you are one step closer to a new you. You have nothing to lose and a new life to gain. And the best part is below...the cost!

What you will feel

Here is what Claudia's clients are saying. see more at (Client photos not posted to maintain confidentiality.

“I highly recommend Claudia. She does not watch the clock and takes the time to get to know you and tailor her treatment strategy to your specific needs, I have had a timeline therapy session and already feel freer and lighter. No sluggishness in the mornings, more focused and lighter. I can’t wait for my next season!” Michele P.

“I reached out to Claudia to help me with my career in business development and sales. After my first session with Claudia I already started feeling and seeing the positive results in my career and my personal life. I am excited to seeing my results as my therapy continues with her.” Scott M.

“Claudia has made a huge difference in my weight loss journey. She has been a tremendous support and encouragement and has provided me with the tools I need to succeed at weight loss. Although we are only on our third session, I am noticing quite a difference in my food choices, as well as the quantity and quality of my food. The size of my waistline has decreased and people at work are starting to notice! I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but with Claudia’s help, I know I will succeed this time. I am very confident in Claudia’s knowledge and skill in the field of Hypnotherapy and her ability to help me take off the weight for good. I would definitely recommend Claudia If you’re considering this alternative approach to weight loss.” Sheri B.

“I am very happy with the process and work we are doing. From the moment I met her…I felt secure and safe to open up without reservations. She’s very patient and “hears” everything you share and that which you imply through inflection and body language. She is the best.” Teresa W.

“Claudia is the best kept secret in OC when it comes to achieving desired results. I work closely with Claudia with nutritional advice and have personally seen success with almost all client’s achieving the results they were looking for.” Aaron D.

"Claudia is especially good with remote therapy. The other day she was counseling a couple in Egypt on WhatsApp. The results were fabulous." Lola C.

Initial remote hypnotherapy consultation, just $10! (Normal $50). Then save 25% per 1 hour session, up to 6 remote sessions.

I want to help you become all you were meant to be. Join me on a 30 minute phone consultation I guarantee will change your life! Normal $50, Today only $10., 714-395-1357


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